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TBS has over 22 years’ experience in deploying innovative TaskMaster mobile workforce management solutions across multiple sectors.  This is combined with a continual investment in an aggressive R&D programme. The result is TaskMaster’s ability to work seamlessly across multiple business units within your organisation and across many sectors. The rich nature of the TaskMaster Platform means that we can offer tailored mobile workforce management solutions that deal with targeted business challenges. The TaskMaster building blocks form the foundations on which to create our sector focused solutions.

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TaskMaster is successfully utilised within fleet management, automotive and logistics to effectively plan, coordinate and manage the activities of the Workforce.

Whether it is automotive collection, appraisal and delivery through to the complex world of cash movement / audit, TaskMaster is relied upon by a Workforce of thousands in the Automotive, Cash Collecting/Security and Haulage businesses. The ability to GPS track and monitor progress, photo and video capture, mandate workflow to ensure compliance and date/time/location stamp each activity is key to a comprehensive mobile logistics solution.


TaskMaster is revolutionising the way that organisations proactively manage their asset inspections, maintenance repair operations (MRO) and certification. TaskMaster helps improve productivity, increase reliability and ensure compliance.

The complexity and scope of MRO/HSE regulations, assimilated with the management of assets, makes compliance a constant challenge. With access to vital information anywhere, anytime, the oil and gas sector, including power generation, are empowering their Workforce with real-time information and tasking ensuring compliance in asset inspection and maintenance record-keeping.


The internet retail experience has improved dramatically in the last two years; however, the in-store customer journey can be an underwhelming experience in comparison. The purchasing process can invariably take too long to complete, resulting in customer frustration and the potential loss of a sale.

TaskMaster reduces the friction of the whole process from stock enquiries, price comparison, click and collect, request for assistance to upselling. Utilising IoT, beacons and smart devices has empowered the Workforce, simplified and improved the upsell process and increased customer retention.


The TaskMaster Platform is successfully wielded to create innovative and effective solutions for the Transport industry. The passenger rail transportation and air transport communications and technology sectors, have recognised the benefits of the right technologies to improve their operational process and Customer journey management.

Whether it is the use of wearable devices – where being ‘handsfree’ is essential – through to security checks, inspection and audit, TaskMaster mobile workforce management solutions ensure the optimum workflow on the right device for the job.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management companies are coming under continued pressure to ‘deliver more for less’ and with the introduction of the living wage, challenging times are ahead.

TBS have been revolutionising facilities management, from cleaning to mechanical and electrical services, integrating TaskMaster with the Internet of Things (IoT) configured with rules based algorithms, delivering on-demand and condition based services. Provided to the Workforce on wearable devices for true hands-free working or on smartphone technology, facilities are being managed by an appropriate member of the Workforce in a smarter way.


TBS has been working with Utility based companies for over 15 years, exploring which systems, capabilities and best practices can be implemented to optimise performance and support a changing workforce. High on the agenda is the evolution of their core asset management and field service capabilities.

The TaskMaster Platform has delivered mobile workforce management solutions from asset management to meter operations. Water authorities and electricity providers, (data collection and technician services), have empowered the workforce by removing administration constraints and driving consistent adherence to process.

Plant Hire & Service

Plant Hire and Service organisations demand tight controls and strong visibility on assets and operations.  This sector depends on machinery and manpower, and their ability to do a job consistently well.  This makes maintenance and tracking critical.

TaskMaster provides companies servicing and repairing heavy plant equipment, including fork lift trucks, with instant data capture and uniquely configured workflows that equip plant hire and service businesses with a fine level of transparency and audibility, empowering them to increase efficiencies across field and back office functions.

Public Sector

Local authorities and the public sector providers remain under pressure to reduce costs and help lower the national debt.  Effective use of technology underpins all key strategies.

The TaskMaster Platform creates mobile workforce management solutions that deliver improvements in the productivity and efficiencies of the Workforce and helps local authorities reduce the number of building assets needed.  From Domiciliary Care to the management of social housing, (whichever ‘trade’ is required), those companies in this sector have improved their business operation and Customer experience.

Field Service

Providing efficient, high quality Customer Service whilst minimising costs, is paramount to field service providers in businesses conducting road side vehicle repairs, filling station forecourt maintenance and computer maintenance.

The TaskMaster Enterprise Mobility Platform has successfully created unique and powerful workflows to facilitate specific field service activities. These are actioned using a wide range of smart devices, enabling relevant information to be exchanged in real-time between the Workforce, the Management and the Customer thus improving business efficiency and Customer Service.

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