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TBS provides a range of solutions to help tackle the growing problem of how we cope with an ageing population and ease the burden of an overstretched NHS.

Using the latest advances in digital and wearable technology, we have developed innovative ways to:

  • Provide lone worker protection by monitoring and triggering automatic alerts and phased escalation
  • Remotely monitor people in their home through AI voice activation, sensors and smart plugs
  • Track and audit tasks for healthcare professionals, empowering them and simplifying processes
  • Track, monitor and audit medication from pharmacy to patient


In the UK, there are over 600,000 people aged over 90 or over. 18% of the population is over 65 years -old, and the media is full of stories of the NHS being at crisis point. (source: Office of National Statistics) 

Using a range of IoT and AI-based solutions operated through our adaptive and integrated platform TaskMaster, SmartCare uses the latest advances in digital and wearable technology to assist the NHS, private companies and families ensure their loved ones and workers remain safe, providing not just advanced help, but also peace of mind.

Source: Office for National Statistics, National Records of Scotland, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency.

Remote monitoring of people:


Through TaskMaster, we configure monitoring systems using a choice of wearables, Alexa voice technology, smart plugs and sensors, SmartCare monitors people and their environments to detect movements and events, which then automatically sent alerts to carers, medical staff or family so that remedial action can be taken and help given. 24/7, 365 days a year.

TaskMaster integrates fully with voice-activated services, allowing people to speak to each other, providing reassurance, peace of mind and the opportunity to respond instantly.

Healthcare professional, Task Automation & Audit:


Empowering your staff and keeping them up to date, TaskMaster can be configured to set up recurring tasks / repeatable rounds of tasks / IoT automated tasks and send them to the appropriate healthcare professionals, filtering right down to knowing who is on shift and who is available, and then using Alexa voice technology contacting them.

It acknowledges and actions, capturing key information in real-time and sharing task status, GPS location and ultimately the task conclusion details. Intuitive data entry, image capture with everything date/time-stamped allows for the ultimate audit trail. Routing of returned task information can be sent as an SMS, email, dashboard report or passed back into the system through TaskMaster’s simple web services.

Pharmacy Distribution, Tracking & Audit:


TBS offers a workflow that captures pharmaceutical assets, such as the location of medication or trolleys, beds or wheelchairs, and tracks the movement and distribution of these across the healthcare environment. 

Taking a pharmaceutical trolley for example, we provide a fully traceable and auditable journey of the medication from pharmacy to patient, reporting back from when the medication left the pharmacy to the moment it is administered.

This not only significantly helps avoid medication wastage, but also acts as a live stock take, allowing unused drugs left somewhere to be put to use elsewhere, saving time and money and offering best service.

The technology is barcode driven, captured through the integration camera or scanner.

TaskMaster for SmartCare

SmartCare TaskMaster Outline

TaskMaster is an Enterprise Mobility Platform, configured to create sector and line of business specific mobile workforce management solutions. These are hosted in an ISO 27001 compliant data centre within a fully resilient hybrid cloud environment (or self hosted) with a 24 hour / 365 ITIL support service.

TaskMaster’s modules cater for all solution stakeholders. These include apps for the mobile Workforce; job planning, scheduling and dashboards for the Management; comprehensive reports and notifications for the Customer and administrative toolsets for the IT team.

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