TBS helps ensure a smooth operation between shop floor and warehouse, allowing stores to ensure they have enough stock and giving staff the power through mobile devices to easily check and order, and report shortages.

It gives frontline staff greater opportunity to upsell and ends the traditional friction between different parts of the business, leading to smoother operations, happier customers and a more successful shop.


With increasing pressure on the High St due to internet shopping, it’s more important than ever that shops can provide a high-end customer service. Shoppers expect instant answers to queries, stock to be available and their shopping experience to be hassle-free. 

Customers will not wait, and even worse, will no return if you don’t get it right.

TBS has come up with a range of solutions for retailers, including: 


TaskMaster for Retail

mobile workforce solutions

TaskMaster is an Enterprise Mobility Platform, configured to create sector and line of business specific mobile workforce management solutions. These are hosted in an ISO 27001 compliant data centre within a fully resilient hybrid cloud environment (or self hosted) with a 24 hour / 365 ITIL support service.

TaskMaster’s modules cater for all solution stakeholders. These include apps for the mobile Workforce; job planning, scheduling and dashboards for the Management; comprehensive reports and notifications for the Customer and administrative toolsets for the IT team.

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