Facilities Management Mobile Workforce Solutions

TBS Enterprise Mobility provides integrated mobile workforce management solutions which enable organisations to wirelessly communicate information with their fieldworkers. Its TaskMaster range of solutions are relied upon by thousands of fieldworkers in EMEA and North America.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management companies are under continual pressure to deliver “more for less” in a highly competitive and challenging market and critically to differentiate from their competition.

With the advancement of enabling technologies such as IoT and AI, and TBS’ drive for continuous innovation, help is at hand for facilities management companies to improve their processes while creating a more efficient environment, thereby maximising their investment.

Using its multi-faceted, integrated platform TaskMaster, TBS creates a solution to your specific needs with no compromise, including:

Managing and empowering the workforce across the business, from cleaners to engineers.
Using IoT to deliver on-demand or on-conditions services such as ‘smart’ rooms which tell you when they need cleaning, saving hours of unnecessary cleaning time.

Automated management reports, audit, notifications, or real-time performance dashboards – we provide you with the data you need, how you want it.

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Case Study

TBS, Mitie and Samsung: a case study – delivering outsourced mail and print services in a digital world.

The Business Challenge


As an established provider of outsourced mail and print services since 2000, Mitie Document Management has evolved during the data and digital revolution from traditional “onsite” service provision into a multi-faceted business fully embracing the power of data transformation and the digital medium.

Their addition of two state-of-the-art digital data and print management centres offering a range of data extraction and transformation services – from digital mailroom and hybrid mail, to variable print and invoice processing – means that now, more than ever, a demanding blue chip customer base not only trusts Mitie with their complex data handling requirements but demands continued innovation and service evolution.
Development of its key mail and task training applications, which secures incoming accountable items, logs operational data and provides service level data, was beginning to plateau.

It is fair to say that Mitie (like many businesses at that time) were not Cloud native, were using older PDA technology and had little developmental agility. Mitie had identified that to achieve their vision, they needed to work with a development partner.


TaskMaster for Facilities Management

SmartCare TaskMaster Outline

TaskMaster is an Enterprise Mobility Platform, configured to create sector and line of business specific mobile workforce management solutions. These are hosted in an ISO 27001 compliant data centre within a fully resilient hybrid cloud environment (or self hosted) with a 24 hour / 365 ITIL support service.

TaskMaster’s modules cater for all solution stakeholders. These include apps for the mobile Workforce; job planning, scheduling and dashboards for the Management; comprehensive reports and notifications for the Customer and administrative toolsets for the IT team.

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