TaskMaster – Enterprise Mobility Platform

TaskMaster – Enterprise Mobility Platform


TaskMaster is a multi-faceted Enterprise Mobility Platform and the foundation on which to build business solutions across multiple sectors, delivering visibility, flexibility and compliance to the process stakeholders.

Workforce have access to key information and workflows through a TaskMaster mobile app – working on any mobile device – including wearables.

Management – the office based stakeholders who are undertaking the planning, scheduling and supervision of workforce activities. A web console presents them with the appropriate toolsets to undertake their roles efficiently and effectively.

End Customer – the most important stakeholder of them all. Whether an internal department or an external Customer, TaskMaster allows for the key information capture and status updates to be conveyed in an appropriate format, i.e. signature capture, printed or emailed report, text message updates or real-time performance dashboards.

Back Office Systems – TaskMaster will integrate with your existing critical systems to effectively run the business i.e. HR and Payroll are easily interfaced with TaskMaster and will share the relevant data. Additional cloud data stores can be facilitated to collect new data and allow dashboards and reports to be easily created.

TaskMaster – A Fully Managed Mission Critical Solution

The TaskMaster Enterprise Mobility Platform and solutions are delivered as a fully managed service (PaaS / SaaS), with the TBS team guiding you through the rapid definition, development and deployment of your mobile solution to deliver the desired benefits.

It is hosted in an ISO 27001 compliant data centre within a fully resilient hybrid cloud environment. It is supported by a 24 hour / 365 days support desk, operated by an ITIL qualified support team with mission critical SLA compliance.

TaskMaster – Secure, Scalable, Reliable

Being Cloud based, TaskMaster is secure, scalable and proven by established deployments in 18 countries around the globe. Tens of thousands of Workforce users are empowered via their mobile device, significantly enhancing their efficiency and ensuring process based compliance. This number continues to grow due to our unique approach of ‘Partnership in Innovation’ with our clients to clearly differentiate them from their competition. Experience, innovation, flexibility, creativity is in our DNA and we ensure the future-proofing of our clients’ investment through a continual research and development programme.

TaskMaster – The Foundation of Innovation

TaskMaster will become the bedrock of your innovation strategy, its powerful features and flexibility will enable you to deploy mobile device based applications into all areas of your business, quickly and effectively. Digital enabling technologies such as Wearables, IoT, and cognitive services such as Conversation as a Service are part of the TaskMaster Enterprise Mobility Platform keeping you ahead of your competition.

TaskMaster – Flexible and Future-Proof

The TaskMaster Enterprise Mobility Platform consists of an ever increasing number of modules, which are very much driven by our Customers. Some of the latest inclusions are support of The Internet of Things (IoT) which, according to Gartner, is giving businesses a competitive marketplace weapon, as the focus of primary benefits shift from internal improvements (asset management, efficiency) to external improvements (customer experience, revenue generation).  IoT deployments can make delivery easier, faster and/or more secure for customers by enhancing services, increasing engagement and strengthening security. In some cases, IoT automation can also help prevent human error. This latest technology has led to the introduction of a business rules engine module to interpret the information received from wirelessly connected sensors and translating the alert into automated actions.

TaskMaster – Proven in all Industry Sectors

TaskMaster will improve the practical day-to-day processes of all sectors and we have many practical examples in Energy, Fleet Logistics, Transport, Utilities, Plant Hire and Service, Facilities Management, Retail, Public Sector and generic field service, such is TaskMaster’s flexibility. For a more detailed understanding of what the TaskMaster Enterprise Mobility Platform can do for your sector, please review the Sectors Page.

TaskMaster – Modules

mobile workforce solutions

Hover over or click the Module icons below for more information on the TaskMaster functionality available.


Create – Rapidly create the TaskMaster app by defining task logic and workflow with the intuitive desktop toolset. Through the use of mandatory and optional tasks / questions, you can enforce compliance and validate data via picklists, radio buttons, tick boxes and many other input options.

Business Rules

Business Rules – Configure the Business Rules engine to define logical rulesets to apply to data flowing through the solution. Upon identifying an event or series of events, trigger automated actions based on these i.e. generate notifications for Management and create new jobs for the Workforce.


Integrate – TaskMaster will easily integrate with your critical systems i.e. CRM, ERP, HR. Plugins exist for many Back Office Systems.  Furthermore, data can be exported into a cloud database as a longer term data store for Customer reporting and analysis.

Devices – Choose the most appropriate device for the Workforce and their respective use cases. TaskMaster can be utilised on a wide range of Smartphones, Tablets, PCs and Wearable devices, using Android, Windows 8.1/10, iOS or Tizen operating systems. This gives you complete flexibility in device choice.

Enterprise Mobility Management – Providing a secure and managed platform for the mobile solution with appropriate features including device management, kiosking, application and content management. This can be applied across your entire device estate and applied at a global or user level.

Report – Define active, real-time dashboards to graphically represent data and help Management make informed decisions. Configure reports that can be automatically generated for supervisors, management, customer or third parties. Reports conforming to existing templates can be delivered by email, text message, printed and displayed on a dashboard.

Schedule – Empower your planners and supervisors with a manual or dynamic scheduling and route optimisation toolset to facilitate real-time planning of appointments and optimisation of routes. This allows for the efficient and effective utilisation of the Workforce with full visibility of progress against plan.

Manage – Allow supervisors / team leaders to effectively manage their Workforce with real-time monitoring of user activities. Get key status information with full visibility of the current status, work completed, time taken, data captured, signatures and images; all logged and clearly displayed for effective management.

Locate – Real-time context-based GPS location monitoring of the Workforce; accurately recording their location in keeping with their current job progress. Helps protect lone workers, improves planning decisions and manages compliance. Current live and historical views available.


Apps –  TaskMaster apps can replicate, enhance and enforce your workflow. Delivered through the public or private app store, it is secured through user authentication (i.e. LDAP) with relevant data and workflow delivered to the Workforce on the most suitable device for the work involved.

Peripherals – When required, appropriate peripherals can be easily associated with the chosen field device to meet the needs of the solution i.e. Bluetooth printers for field receipts and reports, barcode / NFC readers for asset identification. A barcode reader can even be associated with a wearable device.

Implement Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors to identify events and aggregate & analyse this data feed into the Rules Engine and the Report module to drive tasks, alerts and notifications. All the main IoT protocols and providers are supported within TaskMaster giving you the choice of using the most appropriate sensors for your deployment.

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